Effective Tax Planning!  Effective Tax Preparation and Support in Hayward, California

You can rely on Key Tax Professionals to prepare your taxes accurately, and to ensure that you receive the maximum refund possible. We assess your needs on an individual or business basis with a thorough review of your documents.

Tax Planning

We offer tax planning services and encourage our clients to stay in contact with us throughtout the year.  We will provide a TAX PLANNER to help determine tax liability for the year.

The TAX PLANNER can help avoid costly penalties and interest. The TAX PLANNER is ideal for individuals who have changing situations throughout the year. Examples of these situations would be: marriage, divorce, welcome a new addition to the family, purchase a home, sell stocks, or excercise stock options, we help you plan effectively.

Calculator and Tax Papers - Tax Planning

Tax Support

We handle all types of tax related matters, such as Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board correspondence.  After we determine what the fundamental issue is, we then work to collect all needed documentation. We can help with proper filing and correction of various, common, and uncommon tax situations.

Contact us in Hayward, California, to save yourself from costly mistakes with our tax planning and support services.